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TOPIC: Sense of our life

Sense of our life 5 years 11 months ago #2166

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Sense of life… So many people look for their own sense of life. So many people are already found it. But all of us have to find our own sense of our own life. How can we find the sense of life without understanding of the main fear of our life? I think a death is not the main fear of my life. Death is the main attribute of life, so how can I avoid it? Sooner or later, but we will meet each other. So, how can I be afraid of the final curtain of my life? I can wish to met it later, but I clearly understand that without death my life will lose sense.

So, you can ask me, maybe the death is the sense of your life? I can confidently answer – no. This is not the sense of our life. Because we should not be afraid of death, but the void. On my humble opinion there is disease of the body and also there is disease of life. When someone sacrifices his life for a lifestyle. To look like a moneybags from Wall Street. To wear sunglasses, like a Tom Cruise. To drive a Bond’s car. We can spend our life for miracles of consumer society and we even can forget about our life. I think the price of this lifestyle is too high. One day you will find yourself with a lot of cars, suits, sunglasses, but without a soul.

I'm afraid to turn my life into the void. I don’t want to live without smile of my children, without love of my husband. Without sun and without waves of ocean.

On my humble opinion, life should be unceasing joy. And my children, my husband, my family... the whole world around me gives me this joy. I’m sure, love is the main sense of my life. And without it I will lose not just the sense of life, but even my life
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Sense of our life 5 years 10 months ago #2245

  • Kitnis
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The meaning of sense of life - it's a very interesting question. But I do not think many people give the right answer on it.
Some people believe that the sense of life in children, especially mothers. But this is not correct, because it turns out that before her baby is born, it has no sense of life for her. Moreover, after her child grows up she will not have sense of life again. It's not right. And these moms often try to keep children near her as long as possible, for not losing the sense of life. And in the end neither children nor their mothers are not happy.
Some people think that the sense of life is money, power. But in my opinion it is wrong. It is only to gratify the ego. More often, this purpose is goal of insecure people; they want to assert themselves at the expense of wealth. A correctly will earn money just to ensure comfort.
Some people do not think about the sense of life. It is also wrong. Because this is irresponsibly, and we can’t relate this way to your live. We must respect our lives. We have to have a purpose.
In general, I think the sense of life is to improve yourself and get pleasure from life. Because of the positive emotions, our soul is changing, growing. So any problem of our life we have to solve only with a positive attitude. We have to enjoy what we doing. For example, how much pleasure can bring a good music. It is present of life. Every time, when I have bad mood I turn on the music and my mood is get better. Because music is medicine of soul. You can find suitable music for all period of your life. When I feel bad I begin to listen music and it like mother hug, we become so safety and pleasant.
Also important moment is journey. We have to travel as often as we can. Because there are so much wonderful things in our world. I think we have to see as more as we can of them. Somebody said, that who don’t travel, that person see only one page of the book. It is right, because every town, every country has something special and we have to see all this, to be developed person.
It is important to treat everything with love. Live in love. You have to love friends, your husband/wife. The love is a big part of sense of life. How said one person, there is almost nothing in the world, but love. I very like this expression.
I love this world!!
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Sense of our life 5 years 10 months ago #2247

  • denis
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Yes, guys, a very controversial and not easy to discuss issue- sense of life. Still, each one of us, whether out loud or in silence and aloneness has asked this question. There is one expression which I really like and it say – the meaning of life is in the life itself. Personally, my opinion is that it is a simple, but a brilliant saying that actually means so much. I have also been wondering for a while about what I want to have in my life and how I want to live. I used to catch myself thinking one kind of thoughts for one and the other day I had a different opinion. Life always goes on and on. And a very important thing that I understood is that the meaning is never in some final goal that we achieve, the meaning is in every day. I think happiness is the key to living a life that is given to live. Still, it makes me sad that people misinterpret the true definition of happiness. People are very rooted in the society, status, social norms. They are rooted so much that they forget about their own roots, inner voices, dreams and aspirations. And only, what you really feel inside, the call that you can hear from within makes you happy. But most people think that after they put “done” next to everything that society demands, than their life is accomplished. It is so sad and boring actually. How come? And then earning that money, and making families for the sake of making families, people find themselves devastated and feel like they have missed something important in their lives. Of course, it is something important that they have missed. They have missed listening to their hearts. Only heart knows what can make a person’s life meaningful. Not fashion, no psychologists and not even parents. Therefore, I believe the meaning in life is simply listening and following the heart. Every person’s meaning is individual. Some find meaning in poetry, some in singing, some in politics. But if it comes from the bottom of the heart, if it comes with gratitude and pleasure and love, then it will change the world for the better – the highest goal that every human being should aim at no matter who he is and where he is.
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Sense of our life 5 years 10 months ago #2249

  • Tor
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The meaning of life is in the self-cultivation.
Man was created to become a Man (form capital letters).
It means improving in moral, mental, spiritual senses.
This means self cultivation in love to people and to the world in general.
On my opinion there is no "personal sense" or "personal meaning" of sense of life there are just
different people at the different stages of the human development.
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Sense of our life 5 years 10 months ago #2347

  • limon
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It is a very interesting question, but each of us can answer it for hiself/herself, because it is so particular and it depends on the education, on the religion and on the own point of view.
What is life for me, and what is it's sense...too simple. Just live! Each second, each minute..each moment That's what life is for. Experience. Children- our followers.
Use good judgment. Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment and so on.
Trust and have faith in God, in people and in yourself. Start developing yourself and use your knowledge in developing the world you are living in.
Help people, help them finding a job, help them in developing themselves and in finding the best path in life. Help them to stop starving and being thirsty. Help those in Africa, those who are dying every single minute. Help them ti understand they could have a better life.

Be tru to yourself. We wind up being false and living a life full of lies. We lie, others lies to us...what for? Why do you need it? To hide from yourself, to hide your deeds from other people?

I don't know how one can live senselessly since we are born as one with our senses and they but need experiences in order for us to learn how to trust and use them. But we can live with no sense or just taking for granted each day as something not really important. We are living the past day more and ignore the "today". We think about what we did and how we did, and that is good if we analyze what we've done until now, but do not let this PAST enter your PRESENT. Event do not think only about your future. Today is the day that can be a big challenge for the world, as well as for yourself. If you will think about present, you wouldn't think so much about the future, because everything flows as it should be.

When I do this, I experience grace, an effortless happening in my life, that to others appears as though I am doing it, but I know I am not, and when that happens, life makes sense. It is always making sense. John Wheeler said, "time was invented so that everything wouldn't happen at once." But it is all happening at once!, right now, everywhere in the universe and there is enough room for it all, and it all makes sense.
thanks God I am a Limon...
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Sense of our life 5 years 10 months ago #2359

  • Dendyman
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People born, meet, marry, breed, and die. If you ask people - what is the meaning of your life, do you think that he will respond? Never mind. Usually, nothing meaningful.

But sometimes the question arises, and he just will not go away. Why do you live? All live. There is one subtlety - all live differently. Animal existence - is also life, but life with meaning is quite different. What?

As believers no questions, their meaning of life - to serve God, what else could be higher? In believing in myself, reason, science, must also be something something great for what is rest. Each person has his great and important, for instance, the discovery of new laws, collecting stamps, child rearing, establishment of new sports records, career development, earning money. These sessions can bring meaning to life, and can not bring.

For example, if you just thrust into the mountain rocks, dripping with sweat and suffering, then this lesson to your life has no meaning. It can therefore be formulated as follows: the meaning of life provides a subjective relationship between man and his activities, the same things can be perceived quite differently.

And a Zen monk asked:

- What did you do before happened to Zen?

- Circular wood, carried water.

- What are you doing now after comprehension?

- Kohl wood, carry water.

But the presence of meaning in life, or guarantee you complete your mission, of the most unique and that you can give to people?

Mission and meaning of life in common - is that for which you live. However, there is a significant difference. The meaning of many people's lives - to meet their personal interests. The mission always goes beyond just personal interest.

For some, building your own home is very important and is the meaning of life. For the other person is not self-interest, any building, but he knows that people need to build a house, and it does so by understanding the construction of the temple as its mission. What people remain after one and after another man?

Life can be called meaningful if each of us knows its mission and strictly follow it, it aims to benefit other people, meet their needs, needs.

Ways to exercise its mission in a meaningful life can be different. For example, the great surgeon, NM Amos. His mission - to care for the sick and healthy people. Method of implementation - heart surgery, surgery, health promotion, which, of course, the people need. Thousands of lives saved proof, so you can tell - the meaning of life in NA Amos was.

And you do that mission? What is the meaning of life? Have to think and answer the questions. Can you articulate the mission - the unique and most that you can give to people? What gives meaning to your life?

Is it right - what you do for people doing cool, and people really need? If you're doing his job poorly, poorly, then it postupitsya others who make this thing better. This - not for you. And what if your?

After an honest and detailed answers to these questions have a chance to understand your mission and personal meaning of life, to the end that it was not necessary to conclude: "All my life I dealt nonsense.
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