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TOPIC: Predetermination

Predetermination 5 years 1 month ago #2289

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Greetings to you guys, that is a very controversial issue that probably each person on the Earth is concerned with – whether our lives are predetermined or not. I am sure everyone has heard of the Law of Attraction – Law that states – things that happen to us, happen for a reason – and that reason is that we have attracted it with our thoughts, energy and motives. I think that I am more believer in this law, simply because it works in my life like that.
I do not believe that even before we are born, all of our destinies are already written by somebody. But I think that some very important factors in our lives are predetermined. So it seems that life is a mixture of everything where a human being is at the center. So still I believe most depends on the person himself- his character, his will, his attitude towards life. For instance, think about happiness. Happiness is not something that is given to some people, but not given to others. Happiness is feeling. And feeling happiness is available to any person who chooses to feel happiness. Happy people differ from those who are unhappy not by their destiny, lives of blessings by God. Happy people differ from those who are unhappy by their attitude towards lives, by their love of life, by their ability to be thankful for everything good that they get. So, it is a choice right. Finally, I think that most of our lives are about the choices that we make. Do we choose to love rather than hate, wish people only good rather than envy, do we choose to trust people and open our hearts to them rather than close, do we choose to accept ourselves or are continuously unsatisfied with who we are. And all the choices that we make in our lives determine what our life becomes – whether it is a beautiful journey where each moment we live fully and totally, or whether it is a path of disappointment with not faith for better times. I believe in person’s freedom to become whoever he wants to become and to make of his life whatever he wants to make. Still, there are always some callings and talents which are given by God from the very birth – special love to something like music or poetry which determine the path that an individual will chose because of this special passion.
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