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TOPIC: What's Falun Dafa?

What's Falun Dafa? 6 years 4 months ago #1208

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Recently I have opened Falun Dafa for myself and I was so amazed that decided to write about this spiritual practice here.
So what is Falun Dafa? Falun Dafa or Falun Gong is a spiritual practice which allows achieving the highest level of self-perfection. It was founded by Li Hongzhi in 1992 in China. The key principal of this practice is a fusion with the highest quality of the Universe Zen-Chan-Ren (Truth, Kindness and Patience). The leader of this movement wrote 38 books such as Falun Gong, Zhuan Falun, Hyin Yin, Method of Great Full Perfection etc. All of them became the basis of the practice.
Falun Dafa focuses on consideration and perfection of virtue (SyinSin). This is the most important factor to increase energy of perfection (Gun).
SyinSin connects with mutual transformation of De matter (morality, kind of the white matter) and karma (kind of black matter). It also includes patience, comprehension, renunciation i.e. rejection from any desires or aspirations of common people and skill to bear the ordeals.
The part of Falun Dafa also includes improvement of the body by doing special exercises. One of the goals of such exercising is to intensify transcendental capacity and energy transformation using Gun power.
The exercises are just the part of self-perfection. Using only them one cannot reach the Full Perfection.
Falun Dafa has some features:
1. Falun Dafa improves person even when he doesn’t practice it for some time.
2. The practitioner should gain the Gun himself.
3. Improvement of both spirit and body .
4. System includes 5 easy sets of exercises.
5. Thinking process is not involved at all, only Gun energy is used.
6. When exercising it is important to pay attention to the place, time and cardinal.
7. There is no special rite when finishing the practice.

So you can easily notice that Falun Dafa differs from traditional spiritual practice like Buddhism, yoga and from other methods where you may find exercises to enhance internal powers (Dyan)
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What's Falun Dafa? 6 years 3 months ago #1404

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It is really interesting religious movement and it is also known as Falun Gun. However I heard that it is forbidden in China as they consider it dangerous and the followers of this movement are taken to prison. So this movement is very questionable in China. :whistle:
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What's Falun Dafa? 6 years 2 months ago #1671

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I know for sure that followers of the Falun Dafa are arrested and killed in China. The story is… Once Falun Dafa appeared the government of China supported them. However in 1999 the Head of the Communist Party of China was afraid of the Falun Dafa popularity and that this movement could replace the ideology of communism, he took a decision to cease this movement and repressions started. Today according to governmental statistics of China there 3727 fatal cases of the Falun Dafa followers. Hundreds thousands of them are in prison. Independent experts also proved that the followers of the Falun Dafa are the victims of body parts sellers. Their body parts are extracted in prison for money and nobody is even going to stop it. It is a very successful business in China today.
The government of China tries to explain people their monstrous attitude to the followers of the Falun Dafa by informing people via mass media about falsified crimes made by these followers. It has been doing it for 14 years. However people practicing the Falun Dafa know about Patience, Kindness and Truth and they just are not able to commit mass killing or suicides. The entire ideology of Falun Dafa is against it.
I also would like to underline that a lot of children are suffered in China as the parents can be easily taken from their homes to prison and none or no agency takes care of these neglected children. They simply die on the streets.
That is the sad story of the Falun Dafa in China. :(
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What's Falun Dafa? 6 years 2 months ago #1749

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As far as I know, Falun Dafa is also called Chinese yoga. So there are lot of exercises and breath workouts. Falun Dafa is not only exercises for body; it also includes energy exercises and spiritual development through the reading of books written by Master Li Hongzhi. His books tell not only about Falun Dafa itself but cover large field of knowledge such as world history and culture, mysteries of human super and psychic powers, different ways to improve body and soul. The Master explains morality and why we need it, how morality impacts our health and destiny. The books have some description of not traditional treatments of diseases and diet recommendations.
But the most important about Falun Dafa is that it is almost perfect system of self-development for both body and soul.
Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.
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