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Carrent Moon

Moon and health.

Moon in Libra.

Strength Libra days primarily affects the hips, bladder and kidney. * All that during those two days or three days you will do for the hips, kidneys and bladder, will be doubly useful for both preventive and therapeutic procedures - but with the exception of surgery. * Any load on the hips, kidneys and the bladder is doubly hard to Libra days, they do more harm than the other days. At this time, often becomes inflamed bladder and kidney, even a wet heat is a severe overload of the hips and pelvis. A good preventive measure - drink as much as possible during the period from 3 to 7:00 pm, to how to flush the kidneys and bladder.

March 9 and 10 - waning Moon in Libra.

Council. It is a good time for contemplation and relaxation. You should not overwork - it is better to do only what happens by itself. It is advisable not to be alone. Now it is best to eat oily fish, boiled or steamed.

Health. Because of the frequent loss of self-injury, accidents and poisoning. At such times, increasingly behave kidney, bladder, and various cancers.

Influence of the Moon.

Full moon.

It is time to move on accumulation of the active forces of their waste. Aggravated nerve disorder, an increasing number of road accidents, an increase in crime. Help yourself to these days: try to tune to calm and balance, do not run, do not fuss, put all the cases requiring nerve expenses, stress, sit on a diet. It is better these days to abstain from sex, or because of depletion require a long recuperation. Statistics show that at this time of complications and infections occur more frequently, the process of treatment and recovery takes longer and is close to full moon often have severe bleeding that is difficult to stop. But well go to a barber shop, especially if the full moon falls on the day of the moon in the signs Leo and Virgo.

March 7 - waxing Moon in Virgo. March 8 - Full Moon.
Council. All started in this period, the case will end with success, so make sure to not be lazy and act. Successful business will be associated with the acquisition of good things of life. Take a vitamin preparation containing trace elements.
Health. Lunar rhythms of the day affect the digestive organs, pancreas, spleen, and circulatory system. In the days of the Virgin is helpful to do exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles and stimulate intestinal motility.

Color of moonlight.
Moon in Leo.
main color is red Lion, The contrasting - yellow and blue. If you have problems with the heart and high blood pressure should avoid red (as in clothing and in food), especially under znakoi Leo. In this helpful The contrasting colors of yellow and blue, which restores the balance, they should set the tone for the dining table. Green is also useful because restores harmony.
Housekeeping tip.
bouquets of dried flowers, gathered at the growing moon, are much longer, Star sign is thus not a very big role. Twigs, flowers, straw, etc., collected by decreasing the moon, fast break.

March 5 and 6 - A Growing Moon Leo.
Council. It is recommended to be careful and cautious in carrying out any business. Days primereniya rapprochement. Try to find time to walk. The diet during this time period should be present in increased amounts of protein. You can get them from the dishes of legumes.
Health. Excitable people is desirable to refrain from unnecessary worries and care of the heart - the main body of these days. Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius should be especially attentive to his nervous system. Days of the Lion as well affect the circulatory system. It should remain calm and poise.

Recommendations of the lunar day.
Today - thirteenth lunar day.
Beginnings: the case started on this day, give the opposite results.
Communication: You can feel the charm of human communication.
Cashier: That day the moon is good for solving financial problems.
Travel: Today the Moon is not conducive to travelers.
Feast: a feast will be held today, very well.
Alcohol: now you can drink alcohol.
Disputes showdown: let's play to the softness, the debate now irrelevant.
Exercise: This day is good for exercise.
Home affairs: the day is not suitable for Home Affairs.
Dreams: the dreams of the lunar day is worth considering.

Benefits of sounds.
Sounds impact not only the physical body but also the subtle body. For example, a combination of sound, as "EYUYA" affects the physical body, as well as harmonize the system. Say it in 2, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15, 18, 20, 23, 25, 26 and 29th lunar days, as well as in the days of fasting. In turn, the sound of "AUOUM" effect on the mental body, if you say it, imitating the sound of a bell, well articulating. Use it to 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 18, 19, 22, 23, 25 and 27th lunar days. Sound "IAEYI" helps bring harmony to the astral body. And under the influence of sound "EEY" begins the process of energy for human exposure. It is for this reason that the appeal "EEY 'unpleasant companion. The most favorable days are 3, 11, 12, 28 and 30th lunar days.

March 2-4 - waxing Moon in the sign of Cancer.
Council. Opportune time for rest, introspection, to strengthen family relationships. Advised to spend more time with their family and children. By lunchtime, we recommend to prepare, for example, salad or grated beets and garlic.
Health. With the entry of the Moon in this sign of increased activity of the lung, as well as stomach, liver and gallbladder. During this period, a high probability of disease due to hypothermia, emotional tension.

Charge of the lunar energy.
Exercise daily Gemini.
Days of Gemini are particularly well suited for that would have a positive impact on the tense muscles of the shoulder girdle.
* Rotate your hands, let them be like the wings of the mill. Start with the right hand, then go to the left. Make at least 7 revolutions ago, and 7 speed ahead, you can do more if it prompt you to your senses. On the seventh time let his hands the opportunity to rotate by inertia, without any effort. Do not forget about your breath, keep a circular motion until the brush until they get tired.
* Standing or sitting, and slightly bend your hands into fists clench. In this position, rotate the shoulders of three, seven forward and seven times before. During the circular motions of exhale and inhale in short periods of time.

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Carrent Moon


On February 29 and March 1 - waxing Moon in Gemini.

Council. The days of heightened sensitivity and receptivity. The best medicine is not only from all diseases, but also on the ills of life - a dream. Sleep reduces fatigue and makes for an active day. You can continue to work on old cases, but for the new is better not to be taken. started in the days of Gemini projects are very often left incomplete. A very bad time to start repair - it may take months.

Health. The position of night luminary has an impact on his shoulders, hands, fingers, lungs and on the glandular system.

Recommendations of the lunar day.

Today - the eighth lunar day.

Beginnings: the case started on this day, usually work out.

Communication: good day for socializing and group work.

Cashier: You can not carry a significant financial transactions.

Travel: The moon is favorable to all travelers, perfectly located on the road.

Feast: Today is better to refrain from overeating.

Alcohol: alcohol is very undesirable.

Disputes showdown: very wrong day for the debate.

Exercise: This day is good for exercise.

Home affairs: the day is suitable for small home business.

Dreams: the dreams of lunar day should be heeded.

Тiming of treatment to the authorities, the authorities.

Lunar days: 3, 5, 7, 12, 13, 29

The Moon in the sign: Aries, Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius.

Monday: 7:00 - 10:30

Tuesday: 7:00 - 10:30

Wednesday: 10:30 - 13:45

Thursday: 10:30 - 13:45

Friday: 13:45 - 17:15

Saturday: 13:45 - 17:15

Note: blue are favorable options to choose from, red - negative parameters.

26 - February 28 - waxing Moon in Taurus.

Council. These days, you should not retire - it is better to talk more. New meeting and dating will bring excellent results. Any deal must be initiated to complete. Then came a period when the body is most needed salt and other minerals. Drink, for example, tomato juice with added salt.

Health. At this time, increasing the activity of upper respiratory tract, thyroid gland and the circulatory system. High benefits from hot water: Start your day with a shower.

Meals in the Moon.
Basic health-improving nutrition.
Full moon. Observe the post in the full moon, if it's not bad for your circulation. This day should drink at least two liters of water. If possible, eat less than usual is 2-3 days, up to 18 hours.
Waning Moon. Eat as usual, if you feel well. After 17 hours without eating.
Moon. 2-3 days, start to eat less than usual. Spend juice, fruit or fasting days. Should drink at least 2 liters of fluid.
Rising Moon. Need to eat less than usual, because the body stores more food. After 18 hours is better not to eat at all. Drink a lot, but up to 19 hours, then - only if you are thirsty.

24 and February 25 - waxing Moon in the sign of Aries.
Council. It is important to think about their future actions. Encouraged not to drive away sad thoughts from myself, to think only about the good and pleasant. Try to find time to walk with a loved one.
Health. Eye - the main body of these days and most sensitive to any influences. To view the Sun's energy is very important. Sunlight will strengthen the weak and sensitive eyes, to support vision. Avoid sitting in front of the TV.

Influence of the Moon.
Moon in Pisces.
are manifested qualities such as sentimentality, emotionality, sensitivity, acute intuition. This is the perfect time for creative people to the arts, to search for sponsors and dlagotvoritelnoy activity. This is an unfavorable time for mental activity, in the calculations for you to quietly creep error, thoughts are carried away into the distance, appears bent for fantasy, for care of the specifics. However, cases related to investment, are not so bad, well-settled legal problems, you can begin the trials.
Possible increase in revenue as a result of deliberate actions. You can borrow a loan.

Power under the moon.
Zodiac - Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Products that consume fish should be fresh, low in sugar and fat - are most important. It is desirable to give up on the roast and gravy with spices. Fish consume plenty of fluids, it is necessary to limit this bias, not to mention the strong drinks. Of the meat products are preferred liver, kidney, lean beef, lamb, chicken. Mandatory ocean fish and a variety of seafood, which contains iodine, a necessary Pisces. Useful for flour and cereals, sunflower seeds and nuts, yogurt and cheese, and eggs. Vegetable menu item fill beans, spinach, cucumbers, radishes, onions and lettuce. Fruit is good grapes, citrus fruits, apples, pomegranates, quinces, apricots, dates. Useful raisins, prunes, and rose.

February 21 - waning moon in Pisces. 22 February - New Moon. February 23 - the moon rising vznake Pisces.
Council. Contraindicated in bright light and harsh odors. A great moment for what would turn over another page of his biography and write a fair copy it. Eat in these days of sweet fruits and dried fruits, especially figs and dates.
Health. The period witnessed the decline of vital energy, weakening immune system. Possible violations of the circulation of fluid in the body, nervous and mental breakdowns. Passage of the constellation Pisces moon affects the feet, toes, and nervous system. Some people may experience fatigue.

Housekeeping tip.
Storing clothes.
There is the old, well-established rules for storing clothes and care for her.
Well spring and autumn days in air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) or heat (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) in the waning moon.
Bad: When the moon growing under the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
If you have selected the correct time, anti-moth will not be necessary . Clothes will not absorb odors. Otherwise, clothing, folded for storage in a few months will absorb a lot of strong odors. If it is put on deposit in the days of water, it will be wet.
If you need to pick up some clothes lazy, try to do it by decreasing the Moon, the best day in the air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

19 and 20 February - waning Moon in the sign of Aquarius.
Council. Feast of the stomach: you can eat cakes and tarts in general, in particular. Prepare your family and friends a delicious cake, chat over a cup of tea. It is now particularly useful vegetable fats.

Health. The period used for recreation and spiritual development. Now the most vulnerable and in need of care shins, ankles, calves and wrists. Very effective beauty treatments for all types of skin. Contraindicated for surgery on his feet and at all joints.

Luna and health.
Moon in Capricorn.
The strength of Capricorn days affects the skeleton, especially in the knees, and on the skin, a sort of "gateway to the world vnshny."
* All that in these days you do for your skin, knees and skeletal will vdoyne useful as preventive and therapeutic procedures, but with the exception of surgery.
* Any load on the knees, bones and skin doubly hard in the days of Capricorn, they do more harm than the other days.
Heavy loads on the skeleton, particularly on his knees, in the days of Capricorn bad for your condition. Knees strain with every movement.
* Very useful during the Capricorn beauty care and skin treatment. Internal disturbances and any imbalances are reflected in a mirror, on your skin

17 and February 18 - waning Moon in Capricorn.
Council. It's time to take economic matters on which there was no time, for example, to restore order in the closet. The body is most needed salt and other minerals. Get them in the right amount can be from sea kale, radishes, sauerkraut.
Health. Slow progress of all reactions, reducing the overall tone. We advise to beware of infections. Cleaning procedures is not recommended. These days are especially sensitive to the effects of skin, bones and joints.

The timing of the scientific, artistic and intellectual work.
Moon Days 2, 3, 5, 6, 12, 13, 29
Moon in the sign: Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius.
Monday: 00:00 - 7:00 10:30 - 13:45
Tuesday: 03:30 - 10:30 13:45 - 17:15
Wednesday: 03:30 - 7:00 17:15 - 24:00
Thursday: 07:00 - 13:45 17:15 - 20:45
Friday: 00:00 - 3 30 7:00 - 10:30 20:45 - 24:00
Saturday: 10:30 - 17:15 20:45 - 24:00
Sunday 00:00 - 7:00 10:30 - 13:45
Note: blue color are favorable options to choose from, red - negative.

15 and February 16 - waning Moon in the sign of Sagittarius.
Council. The proper time to rest in the family, introspection, reflection of the past. It is advisable not to be alone. In the food must be present in increased amounts of protein.
Health. In this sign increases the load on the spine, hips and wrists. Benefit any corrective measures to improve the condition of these parts of the body. We advise to postpone dental treatment, bone, blood transfusions.

Recommendation lunar day.
Today - Twenty-second lunar day.
Undertakings: this day is not good for beginnings.
Community: bad day to talk, let's try to control emotions.
Cashier: You can not hold a significant financial transactions.
Travel: The moon today is very not conducive to putushestvennikam.
Feast: day is perfect for the holiday feast.
Disputes showdown: If possible, move the showdown the next day.
Exercise: This day is good for physical activity.
Home affairs: the day is good for small household chores.
Dreams: the dreams of the lunar day should be heeded.

13 and 14 February - waning Moon in Scorpio.

Council. Irritability, aggression, nervousness, impatience, melancholy - qualities for which now have to "thank" the moon. But for all the bleakness, the days of the Scorpion - a good time for introspection. Should reflect on their shortcomings and mistakes.
Health. These days, the body is enhanced energy transfer, which leads to some emotional keyed. Incurred during this period are infectious inflammatory processes in nature.

Mirror of beauty in the moon.
The conditions for a good wave.
Sometimes curling does not hold, and sometimes lasts for a short time, can sometimes be too strong. Stick to the basic rules:
* Attend perikmaherskuyu a day when the moon is in Virgo.
* Be careful to avoid curling in the days when the moon is staying in the signs Cancer, Pisces and Aquarius (sometimes under the sign of Leo, because I get perms too strong).
It is nice at the right time, beautiful curls hold out very long, otherwise you get tired, brittle, discolored, dull hair.

Lunar calendar gardener.
If sown the seeds sprout, then select the strongest shoots, and again put them at a greater distance from each other. Have you ever seen how, after the pick all the plants in the garden are falling and no longer go up? Responsibility for such "weakness" lies entirely in Aquarius. Dive - it's an activity that can not be carried out under the sign of Aquarius.
Experienced gardeners are advised to carry out work on the nose down at the moon rising in the days of fruit (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) for fruit plants for sheet if you need a strong sheet system - in days of the leaves (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

10-12 February - waning Moon in Libra.
Council. Perfect time for active and energetic people. It is recommended not to enter into the cash nexus. Well to make purchases and receive gifts. Perfect time for marriage. Moon moved into Libra, try to consume more vegetable fat diet.
Health. Respond most strongly to the rhythms of the zodiac these days are the kidneys, bladder, and various glands. Neutralize the negative effects of drug charges will help to cleanse the kidneys.

Lunar color.

  Moon in Virgo.

The main color of the Virgin is white, the contrast - the yellow and red. In the days of the Virgin can support the work of peschevaritelnyh. If they are a bit out of order, they can be calm in blue, whose influence is strongly osbenno at this time. If the stomach, intestines and other organs do not work actively, they can be, on the contrary, fostered by a contrasting color with red food and clothing. If you have problems with the liver and gall bladder, stomach and spleen using impact yellow: yellow should be and packs, and products, and everything else. The products with high-acid balance and liver, and spleen, refresh, and from them is not so hot, they quench thirst and promote sleep.

February 8 - Full Moon. February 9 - waning Moon in Virgo.

Council. This period brings uncontrollable emotions that can lead to tragic consequences. But then comes the quiet time of creativity, harmony and peace. Good to talk to someone you love, stay in the company of close friends.

Health. During the stay of the Moon in Virgo must take all measures to restore the vitality of the body. We recommend these days to stick sparing diet conducive to the normalization of intestinal motility.

Interesting information.

Moonlit Road.

During the full moon as the moon freed from the influence of the sun becomes more independent. Moonlit Road - two days before and after the Full Moon, which can be both at 14 and 15, and 16 and even in the 17th lunar day. This time, manifested by leaps and mood swings and emotional content. In these days of possible contact with the descendants of ancestors - a dream. The soul is filled with divine ambrosia - joy, grace, integrity, a sense of continuity of existence and knowledge of the original. But there is a danger in vain to waste it or do not know where to use. It is considered the most auspicious full moon at the beginning of the 16th lunar day, it creates the most favorable conditions.

February 6-7 - waxing Moon in Leo.

Council. This period of change in transforming a small stop before the big important things. You can relax, take a relaxing bath.

Health. Night Light makes us active. It is recommended to save the physical strength, neperegruzhat heart and circulatory system. In the days of Leo may hurt more than usual spin, and the heart are the most vulnerable organ.

Housekeeping tip.

The fight against mold.

The main reason for damp walls in both new and old buildings, that were timed correctly, that would pour concrete, lay down and plastered walls. So serious Take our advice on removing moisture got into the habit and mildew. well: when decreasing the Moon under the signs of twins, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the closer to the new moon is better.

Bad: When the moon rising, full moon, and same for any signs the Moon under Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The premises, which can often appear and moisture, and mold (basement, closet, etc.) should never wash or at the growing moon, nor by defective under the signs Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. This amounts to a polite invitation to visit and moisture, and mildew.

February 4-5 - waxing Moon in Cancer.

 Council. Period of high energy love can awaken a huge force of nature. We must try to avoid negative emotions. In a feed should now were present as many carbohydrates of plant origin. Health. Period in emotionally difficult: we must try to keep a good mood. In the evening, which would relieve the tension, you need to take a bath. On the growing moon should be tonic and refreshing bath, and the decreasing - soothing and cleansing the body. Effective procedure to remove stones and cinders.

To data.

Choice of time for reception of visitors.

Lunar days: 2, 3, 5, 12, 13, 14, 20, 23, 29

The moon in a sign: the Aries, a Taurus, the Lion, Scales, the Sagittarius, the Capricorn. Monday: 07:00 - 13:45 17:15 - 20:45

Tuesday: 07:00 - 10:30 13:45 - 17:15 20:45 - 24:00

Wednesday: 10:30 - 17:15 20:45 - 24:00

Thursday: 10:30 - 13:45 17:15 - 20:45

Friday:13:45 - 20:45 Saturday: 13:45 - 17:15 20:45 - 24:00

Sunday: 10:30 - 13:45 17:15 - 24:00

Important: dark blue color specifies favorable parameters for a choice, by red color - adverse parameters.

Recommendations of lunar day.

Today - the eleventh lunar day.

Undertakings: this day isn't favorable for undertakings.

Dialogue: let's know when to stop in dialogue.

Monetary operations: it is better not to be engaged in financial questions.

Travel: the Moon favors to all travel, it is fine to be on the journey.

Feast: it is possible to arrange small feasts.

Alcohol: the limited alcohol intake is admissible.

Disputes, finding-out of relations: if there is a possibility, transfer finding-out of relations the next day.

Physical activity: moderate physical activities are possible.

Domesticities: day approaches for small domesticities.

Dreams: dreams very often bear the helpful information, happen prophetic.

February 1-3 - the growing Moon in a sign on Twins.

Council. These days it is not forbidden to follow the intuition. It is possible to give in to a sudden impulse, spontaneous action. It is recommended to forgive the offenders, to be tolerant and indulgent.

Health. Planet passage on this zodiac sign influences a humeral belt, joints, hands and fingers. To fill an organism with energy and vivacity products, vitamin-rich can. It is very useful to do physical exercises for brushes and shoulders with their subsequent massage.

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Moon Calendar Advices will help you to correctly oreint to the surrounding reality every single day. It is enough to read advices, in order to find out how is the certain period of time is controlling its emotions, so that there would be present piece and calmness in our spirit. The healing recepees that are recommended for the use in the correct time are here, on this blog- depending from the moon phase and its Zodiac placement. Do not forget to consult your doctor.
In addition, you can also find out - how you can make many daily tasks easily and nicely with the use of Lunar phase. 

You can order personal horoscope of the moon, planets and zodiak constellation on the life situations, business, health, love and etc... 




On January , 30th and 31th - the growing Moon in a sign on the Taurus

Council. We recommend to communicate more - any contacts are now favorable and will bring good results. Thus it is not necessary to gossip, fuss, make obviously impracticable promises.
Health. During this zodiac period it is recommended to be protected from cold: the probability to be ill with quinsy now is greatest. The most vulnerable area these winter days - Upper respiratory tract bodies.

The interesting information.
The person and the moon.
The empress of world ocean the Moon operates not only inflows and outflows: it is noticed that in a full moon and a new moon water rises much more above, than during other time. The same concerns also the person, as it is known, on 70 % consisting of water. The moon during the Full moon is practically released from influence of the Sun, becomes more independent. At people it is shown by differences of mood and emotional fullness. The full moon can have on 14th, 15th, 16th, and even 17th, day of lunar month. The most favorable time for this purpose considers the beginning of 16th day: the period causes the kindest conditions. The full moon in 15th day (in a month with 29th days) does perception of life especially strained, and events of incomplete lunar month bring certain complexities.

On January , 27th and 29th - the growing Moon in a sign on the Aries.
Council. During this period to be good it is more in the open air; let the nature and a fresh wind feed an organism energy which now so is necessary for it.
Health. Astrological conditions of these days - harmonious. It is desirable not to overtire (especially to Aquarius, Fishes, Arieses and Tauruses). The head, sense organs, eyes and blood circulation system are subject to influence of the Aries.

Beauty in the Moon mirror.
Care of nails.
The best time for manicure and a pedicure - Friday after sunset. It is especially good, if the Moon thus in the Capricorn. Because this sign guarantees well-groomed nails and proof manicure. The Moon phase thus has no value. The nails processed in these days look beautiful and healthy.
It is not necessary to do manicure and a pedicure on Saturday, it is forbidden day for care of nails. As to Moon position, days of the Cancer, Fishes and Twins will badly affect. The nails processed in these days break and exfoliate. The varnish keeps badly.
If you are disturbed by evolved nails, cut off them not on the decreasing Moon as can seem in the beginning, and on the growing. But if the nail needs to be removed completely, it is necessary to do it on the decreasing Moon, at any time except days of Fishes.

To data.
It is black - white dreams.
White and black color in dreams is ambiguous. For people of signs on Fire and Air to dream about white color very favorably. For example, to see a white dog - a sign on a meeting with the loyal friend, and a white pigeon - to life turn to the best. For people of signs on the Earth and Water to dream about white color badly. So to see the same white dog - a sign on that the friend can appear the enemy; to see a white field - a sign on danger and hostile conditions; the white house - ahead of experience and the broken dreams.
Black color in the sleep on symbolics is opposite to the white. For people of signs on Fire and Air is a negative sign (a black dog - the friend-traitor), and black color is favorable for people of signs on the Earth and Water. For example, to see black bread - to profit.

To the mistress on a note.
Successful batch.
* to Bake bread is better in days of Twins, Scales, Aquarius, the Aries, the Lion and the Sagittarius. Under the Growing Moon dough rises faster. Under the decreasing Moon it is useful to put in dough of more yeast. For a batch of bread days of the Cancer, the Scorpion and Fishes because dough quickly falls and becomes комковатым least approach.
* If you have conceived pies or cookies is better to make it under the growing Moon in days of Light (Twins, Scales, Aquarius) and fruits (the Aries, the Lion, the Sagittarius). It is easy to such test to give the necessary form, cookies получаутся gentle and long keeps freshness.
*Oven it is necessary to warm up very strongly in advance, the temperature should go down slowly.

January 25th and 26th - Growing Moon in Pisces.

Advice. The zodiac cirle is ending. In this period we are suggesting to listen to your intuition: it is developed more and could help with  the smart advice.

Health. The predisposition to the infectious diseases, skin allergies and edemas is increasing. The surgeries on the feet, brain and endocrine system organs is not recommended. The feet and its fingers are influenced to the sign of Pisces - it seems that it its minor, but the reflectious zones of all organism is concentrated here. The foot accupressure massage and intake of the increased potassium food is useful.

Charge Yourself With The Lunar Energy!

Exercises in the Aquarius Day.

*When you are standing, move your feet up- down, the knees should be straight by this. Pull up,and alternate toes- heels (toes up, heels up and so on 7 times). Then take a break, by continuing to breath evenly. Repeat this exercise until you feel that it is enough.

* In a standing position bend forward without bending the knees. Let your head, which is located in very relaxed state,possibility of  sagging freely between the hands. Let the tips of the fingers slowly get closer to the floor, while in the back of the legs the stress does not occur. Exhale - when you return to starting position.

23rd January- New Moon. 24th January- Growing Moon in the Aquarius.

Advice. You cannot begin new tasks, until your important issues are clear. Just do your regular daily chores.

Health. It is difficult period for the health. The influence of the sun is negatively impacts on the state of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Possible exacerbation of rheumatic complaints.

Recommendations Of The Moon Day.

Today- 29th moon day.

Beginnings: Tasks that began today, giving an opposite results.

Communications: It is better to spend this day alone, perhaps in the nature.

Money Operations: It is better to stay away from financial questions.

Travels: Today moon is not really conductive to travelers.

Feast: Today,  forget about the feasting, food abstinence is welcome.

Alcohol: The intake of alcohol is not acceptable.

Disputes and Explanations : Let's show softness, the dispute right now is irrelevant.

Physical Exercise : the moderate physical exercise is possible right now.

Home Tasks: This day is better for the home tasks.

Dreams: the dreams of this moon day is often daunting and they do not come true.

21 and 22 of January- the decreasing moon in capricorn.

Advice. You should not deny yourself in communication, but by this you need to maintain caution. The tasks that have to do with acquisition of vital goods will go successful. It is good to buy property and do repair at home.

Health. The entry of this planet in this zodiac sign for many people is provoking a short term of  emotional tonus fall down. The moon influence is increasing in support of locomotion, skin and circulatory system. It is undesirable of heavy and intensive physical exercises, hypothermia.

Nutrition Of Moon Rhythms.

Zodiac Sign- Aquarius (20 of January - 18 of February)

Aquarius is compatible to the nutrition of vegetarian style, where the soy , beans, buckwheat, regular wheat and peanuts is present. Cultured food can be eaten in unlimited amounts, but spagetties, baked food, bread and rice should be limited.  you should add vegetable oil instead of regular butter, instead of sugar- honey, instead of salt - aromatized herbs. You should avoid canned foods and supplements, identical to natural. Prefferably, take white meat and fish without any fats. In the vegetable menu- cabbage, spinnach, radish, salad, corn, zucchini, lentils, beet, carrot, sweet pepper and tomatoes. In the fruit family- berries are best suited with apples, pomegranates, strawberry, peach, pineapple, figs, and dates. Zodiac mineral- sodium chloride. It is better to receive sodium chloride from the fresh leaved vegetables and greenery.

Moon Color.

Moon in the sign of Saggitarius.

Basically the color of Saggitarius is considered red, contrast- of yellow and blue.

Saggitarius energy is spicing sensory organs and supports with the help of red color, which is blood supply of the whole organism. At this time, you should use special influence for vein, because in this area during the days of Saggitarius - the discomfort often appears, especially it is important to prevent stagnation. Massage creates miracles,  and not only in the days of Saggitarius.

It is also important to use the fact that red vegetables and fruits impact in the days of fire (Aries, Leo and Saggitarius) especially with the strong influence. However,  a surplus of  the red color is not suggestable for the worriers and active people

18-20 of January- Decreasing Moon in Saggitarius

Advice. You should not limit yourself in the new impressions, but by this you should be very careful- its not worth to risk vainly and include yourself in the deliberate gamble. If you have a possibility, we are suggesting you to go to the nature.The body needs the protein foods of plant origin very much. Beans with potatoes is recommended for dinner or lunch.

Health. Moon rhythms affect the spine, hips and wrists. In order to avoid traumas, it is necessary to take medicine and foods that contain calcium and phosphorus.

Moon and health.

Moon in Scorpio.

No zodiac signs does not have the strong influence on the genital areas, as Scorpio.

* Anything that during those days you do for your genitals, will be twice useful, as preventive and treatable procedures- but except for the surgical intervention.

* Any load on the genital and urethrical organs are twice heavier in  Scorpio days, it brings more harm than in other days.

Future mothers should avoid any overloads in the Scorpio days, especially during the growing Moon. Urethrical organs are especially sensitive. Cold feet and easy clothing in the areas of pelvis and kidney, could cause inflammation of  the kidneys and bladder.Preventive sitting baths with a shepherd's bag will help getting rid of women's diseases.

16 and 17 of January - Waning moon in Scorpio.

Advice. It is not suggestable to limit yourself in your new impressions. Inner emotions will be spawning during this period with mixed feelings. Organism needs vegitative carbohydrates. You should eat for sure two apples and three clementines.

Health. Women become very conflictive in these days and control their emotions badly; men are opposite- they are very reserved and secretive. In order to take off the psychological pressure- it is favorable to do the moderate physical exercises. Scorpio is affecting the nervous, urogenital system and rectum.At this time,it is possible of  worsening of hemorrhoids, and the most vulnerable genitals.

Choice of time for the new job reception.

Moon days: 3,5,10, 12, 13, 20, 27, 29, 30

Moon in the signs of: Leo, Saggitarius, Gemini, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Monday: 7:00 - 10:30   17:15-20:45

Tuesday: 7:00- 10:30   17:15-20:45

Wednesday: 10:30-13:45   7:00-10:30

Thursday: 10:30- 13:45

Friday: 13:45- 17:15   10:30-13:45

Satturday: 13:45- 17:15

Sunday: 17:15- 20:45   13:45- 17:15

Important: blue color shows appropriate parameters for the choice, red - inappropriate parameters.

14- 15 January- Wanning Moon in Libra

Advice. You need to try to spend more time at home, do your family chores. It is better to spend evening in the circle of family. Also, try to take food with vegetable fats.

Health.  More energetic than other signs at these days will be the signs of Scorpio and Taurus. Those who responsively react to the changing rhythms of the moon, would be able to see their influence on kidneys and on the bladder. It is suggestible to avoid any surgeries on kidneys and bladder at this time.

Moon Influence.

Virgin Days.

Energy of this sign supports everything, that is connected with planning, calculations, cold-blooded strategy development, logically reasonable goal is justifying the means. The motto of these days can serve the saying; " Seven times measure, and then cut once". The virgin sign does not have anything with the passionate impulses.

Interesting information.

Moon and Success.

When you have to submit for discussion any idea, when you need to be understood and heard, safely guide by the moon  days of stay in the signs of Libra, Virgin, and Virgo. This is the greatest days of psychological susceptibility.

12-13 January - Wanning Moon in Virgin.

Advice. It is suggestible to more communication and laughter- even if the mood is bad. Show forbearance and patience. Try to avoid conflicts and negative emotions. Try to avoid conflicts and negative emotions. Include different salty vegetables and sauerkraut in the menu, to the lunch or dinner it is better to cook cabbage meatballs, and stuffed cabbage.

Health. It is possible of exacerbation of disease urinary tract, cystitis. Gemini, Aqaurius and Pisces should take care of their nervous system at these days. However, the digestive organs, spleen and pancreas should be mercy to all.


Color and its impact.

The basic rule is saying: some colors are influencing by the difference or stronger, if to use them under the zodiac signs to whom they are compatible with. If, for example- you would like to use the influence of color as an additional remedy by the different diseases and disorders, then choose the compatible and contrastible color for your clothing, or at least, for the detail of toilet that is located on the affected area of the body. By this, it does not matter whether the clothing is on the naked body, for example, t-shirt or tank top or on top of another clothing, such as sweater. The straight influence is much stronger. However, colorful radiation, that is taken visually, is beneficially effecting in any case.

What type of influence is able to render one or another colors? On this blog you will read this information.

10 and 11 january- Decreasing moon in Leo

Advice. The events of this period are the mirror of human complekses and actions. It is necessary to control your own thoughts. This day is good for the skin cleaning.

Health. It is recommended to take care of your hair. All of the procedures for the strengthening of its roots are bringing sensing use. The energy of leo is affecting the hormones, from which the hair become stronger. Here is the experiment: from the february till august of every month, cut the ends of the hair in the days of Leo. In this period, Leo is always located in the growing Moon, but this aspect is increasing revitalizing effect.

Recommendations of lunnar day.

January 10th, today is - seventeenth lunnar day.

Beginnings: you can begin your small tasks, but it is better to put aside bigger ones.

Communication: you can feel all of the goodness of human communication.

Money operations: this day of moon is good for deciding of financial questions.

Travels: this day the moon is favoring all of the travels.

Party: this day ideally is good for any celebrations.

Alcohol: the limited amount of alcohol intake at this day is welcome.

Argues, attitude ascertation: it is not very appropriate day for argues.

Physical load: possibility of limited physical load.

Home Tasks: it is better to stay aside from home tasks at this day.

Dreams: to the dreams of this lunnar day should not be listened to.

January 8th- Growing Moon in the sign of Cancer

January 9th- Full Moon in Cancer

Advice. Period of changing transformation. All of the beginning tasks that began at this day will finish successfully. We are recommending  to communicate alot, get new knowledge, listen to the obtained advices.

Health. The night light is freeing the emotions, making people impressionable and easily excitable. Especially at this time, the moon is strongly impacting on women. Their psychology is becoming more plastic. When the moon is in Cancer, it is useful to cleanse the spine and joints.

Useful information.

Note for the fishermen.

It is noted, that during the lunar month there is two periods of good and two periods of bad nibbles. And besides, clearly of weather rules- these nibble ups  and downs have no explanation.

1,2, 12-16, 26-29th  lunar days - very unlucky time for the fishing, because practically there is no nibble.

11, 17, 23-25th lunar days- there is nibble, but very weak.

4-8, 19th lunar days- excellent nibble.

3,9-10, 20-22nd lunar days- good nibble.

And, if to look closely,  very unfortunate are the last three days before the Full Moon, bad days - almost the entire last quarter and a significant chyst the third quarter. But the good days are the days of the new moon, from the third until the tenth, a kind of fishing week, which takes place under the real sign of Jora and a few days in the third quarter.

Nutrition in Lunar Rhythms.

Taste Reactions.

Passing of the moon by the zodiac sign changes our tasting reactions.

*  When the moon passes by the signs of Aries and Scorpio, put less pepper in the food.

Those who suffers with migranes, must limit the intake of any cheeses and red wine or

just stop eating this at all.  You should be very careful with the hot and acute objects in the kitchen.

*  When the moon is located in the signs of libra and pisces, you should be extremely careful in taking aromatic fragrant spices and foods, which can cause an allergy, - these foods and spices can be honey, chocolate, lemons, strawberry and etc... At this time the sensory and reactivity of organism is increased.

* When the moon is in Capricorn you should not eat very hard food and gnaw nuts. Alcohol intake of that time will bring very small negative consequences.

5-7 January- growing moon in Gemini.

Advice. The days of strictness and cleansiness in everything. People should be very attentive in all of the duties, but should not be overloaded with them. We are suggesting to spend alot of time with the loving person.

Health. During when the moon passes by- by this sign it is very mandattory to take care of your hands and lungs. It is worth to put all of the procedures aside, which are impacting hands, arms and lungs, until when the planet would not enter in the zodiac signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. It is a wonderful time for all of the cosmetic procedures, and also cleansiness of blood and liver. If there are any skin problems, it is worth to look at your allowence, since allergenic products show their strength and could show different reactions.

Weather by the Moon

* Moon with the shape of  letter "c" with the rings- it means cold, if it is on the back - it means warmth, rain or snow.

* Reddish circle around the moon, that is starting to dissappear- it means wind.

* If the moon is not visible until the fourth day after the New Moon by the southern wind, it means that the weather is unstable the whole month.

*If around the moon, the circles are appearing very near, it means that the rain is going to be the next day ( soon, but not for a long time); if the circles are appearing far away from the moon- then rain is going to come out in 1-3 days ( not soon, but not for a long time), but in the winter there is going to be blizzard.

*If the moon in the sky is adjoining with the circle - it means that there will be no rain for a very long time, but if the circles are erased it means that rain is very near.

*If the moon seems big, reddish- there will be rain, if the moon is misty- then the weather is going to get worse, if the moon is really white and sparkling- then it means that it will be very cold.

January 3rd and 4th- growing moon in Taurus.

Advice. The calm and balanced days; organism is in the relaxed condition. It is the most favorable time for taking sauna, bath and visit the cosmetologist.

Health. In this period the condition of moon in the zodiac is making more weaker organs such as throad, ears and the organ of speech. It is recommended to help an organism to fight with the infection: to do inhalation with chamomile herb, sage, linden flowers, birch, tansy and juniper.

January 3 : Today- 10th lunar day.

Recomendation of lunar day

Beginning: one from the best days for the beginning of any daily tasks.

Communication: This day is good for the communication and group work,

Financial tasks: this day of the moon is good for the desicion of financial questions.

Travels: today the moon is not really welcoming  for tourists.

Parties:  today parties will be going great.

Alcohol: the limited amount of alcohol is acceptable

Argues and and showdowns: today is really not a great day for any argues.

Physical pressure: this day is acceptable for any physical pressures.

Home tasks: this day is very good for daily duties.

Dreams: the dreams does not come true of this lunar day.

January 1 and 2- growing Moon in Aries

Advice. Do not give empty promises- it is better to be quiet and take care of your health. If depression is present -just take the herbal therapy.

Health. Those who are subjected to different headaches, could not feel well. It is probability of incoming eye diseases, tooth diseases and ear diseases. Therefore it is recommended to take different herbal infusions that widen blood vessels. The vitamin intake and the restoration of the substances are especially effective by the growing moon.

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