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Posted by on in Религия и духовные практики
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Advices by the moon calendar for each day. March

Carrent Moon

Moon and health.

Moon in Libra.

Strength Libra days primarily affects the hips, bladder and kidney. * All that during those two days or three days you will do for the hips, kidneys and bladder, will be doubly useful for both preventive and therapeutic procedures - but with the exception of surgery. * Any load on the hips, kidneys and the bladder is doubly hard to Libra days, they do more harm than the other days. At this time, often becomes inflamed bladder and kidney, even a wet heat is a severe overload of the hips and pelvis. A good preventive measure - drink as much as possible during the period from 3 to 7:00 pm, to how to flush the kidneys and bladder.

March 9 and 10 - waning Moon in Libra.

Council. It is a good time for contemplation and relaxation. You should not overwork - it is better to do only what happens by itself. It is advisable not to be alone. Now it is best to eat oily fish, boiled or steamed.

Health. Because of the frequent loss of self-injury, accidents and poisoning. At such times, increasingly behave kidney, bladder, and various cancers.

Influence of the Moon.

Full moon.

It is time to move on accumulation of the active forces of their waste. Aggravated nerve disorder, an increasing number of road accidents, an increase in crime. Help yourself to these days: try to tune to calm and balance, do not run, do not fuss, put all the cases requiring nerve expenses, stress, sit on a diet. It is better these days to abstain from sex, or because of depletion require a long recuperation. Statistics show that at this time of complications and infections occur more frequently, the process of treatment and recovery takes longer and is close to full moon often have severe bleeding that is difficult to stop. But well go to a barber shop, especially if the full moon falls on the day of the moon in the signs Leo and Virgo.

March 7 - waxing Moon in Virgo. March 8 - Full Moon.
Council. All started in this period, the case will end with success, so make sure to not be lazy and act. Successful business will be associated with the acquisition of good things of life. Take a vitamin preparation containing trace elements.
Health. Lunar rhythms of the day affect the digestive organs, pancreas, spleen, and circulatory system. In the days of the Virgin is helpful to do exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles and stimulate intestinal motility.

Color of moonlight.
Moon in Leo.
main color is red Lion, The contrasting - yellow and blue. If you have problems with the heart and high blood pressure should avoid red (as in clothing and in food), especially under znakoi Leo. In this helpful The contrasting colors of yellow and blue, which restores the balance, they should set the tone for the dining table. Green is also useful because restores harmony.
Housekeeping tip.
bouquets of dried flowers, gathered at the growing moon, are much longer, Star sign is thus not a very big role. Twigs, flowers, straw, etc., collected by decreasing the moon, fast break.

March 5 and 6 - A Growing Moon Leo.
Council. It is recommended to be careful and cautious in carrying out any business. Days primereniya rapprochement. Try to find time to walk. The diet during this time period should be present in increased amounts of protein. You can get them from the dishes of legumes.
Health. Excitable people is desirable to refrain from unnecessary worries and care of the heart - the main body of these days. Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius should be especially attentive to his nervous system. Days of the Lion as well affect the circulatory system. It should remain calm and poise.

Recommendations of the lunar day.
Today - thirteenth lunar day.
Beginnings: the case started on this day, give the opposite results.
Communication: You can feel the charm of human communication.
Cashier: That day the moon is good for solving financial problems.
Travel: Today the Moon is not conducive to travelers.
Feast: a feast will be held today, very well.
Alcohol: now you can drink alcohol.
Disputes showdown: let's play to the softness, the debate now irrelevant.
Exercise: This day is good for exercise.
Home affairs: the day is not suitable for Home Affairs.
Dreams: the dreams of the lunar day is worth considering.

Benefits of sounds.
Sounds impact not only the physical body but also the subtle body. For example, a combination of sound, as "EYUYA" affects the physical body, as well as harmonize the system. Say it in 2, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15, 18, 20, 23, 25, 26 and 29th lunar days, as well as in the days of fasting. In turn, the sound of "AUOUM" effect on the mental body, if you say it, imitating the sound of a bell, well articulating. Use it to 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 18, 19, 22, 23, 25 and 27th lunar days. Sound "IAEYI" helps bring harmony to the astral body. And under the influence of sound "EEY" begins the process of energy for human exposure. It is for this reason that the appeal "EEY 'unpleasant companion. The most favorable days are 3, 11, 12, 28 and 30th lunar days.

March 2-4 - waxing Moon in the sign of Cancer.
Council. Opportune time for rest, introspection, to strengthen family relationships. Advised to spend more time with their family and children. By lunchtime, we recommend to prepare, for example, salad or grated beets and garlic.
Health. With the entry of the Moon in this sign of increased activity of the lung, as well as stomach, liver and gallbladder. During this period, a high probability of disease due to hypothermia, emotional tension.

Charge of the lunar energy.
Exercise daily Gemini.
Days of Gemini are particularly well suited for that would have a positive impact on the tense muscles of the shoulder girdle.
* Rotate your hands, let them be like the wings of the mill. Start with the right hand, then go to the left. Make at least 7 revolutions ago, and 7 speed ahead, you can do more if it prompt you to your senses. On the seventh time let his hands the opportunity to rotate by inertia, without any effort. Do not forget about your breath, keep a circular motion until the brush until they get tired.
* Standing or sitting, and slightly bend your hands into fists clench. In this position, rotate the shoulders of three, seven forward and seven times before. During the circular motions of exhale and inhale in short periods of time.