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Written by Archipokrovitel Nikolai   
Saturday, 22 June 2019 21:48

The purification of karma is compensation for sins committed by a person during a previous life, committed prior to reincarnation. The most complex process of cleansing the sins of previous generations of parents: grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandmothers, and great-grandfathers up to the 7th generation of the pedigree.





Sin is the action of a particular person, bringing grief, damage, trouble, or, more simply, negative to another person/people. This is a vicious chain of suffering, launched by one person, after which others suffer. Even seemingly insignificant acts, such as disparaging remarks, as a result of which you hurt another person, can safely be called a sin. For example, if you insult another person, which makes him uncomfortable with hurt feelings, then you cause him serious heartache, which can lead him to further agony. Such behavior, as already mentioned, is called sin, from the commission of which an unpleasant sinful imprint is imposed on your biofield. If, in the role of an example, to take more serious offenses, such as killing another person, then subsequent generations of the killer will suffer from an inherited informational biofield, which in the future will not in the best way affect their well-being.
Have you noticed that there are people who, it seems, do nothing extraordinary and extraordinary, but their life goes well, like a knife in butter — they are wealthy in financial matters, they have excellent health, many friends and excellent relationships with relatives. Met these? So, such people are vivid examples of carriers of good, positive karma, which they inherited from their ancestors who lived a decent life. At the same time, it is possible to meet those who work endlessly during their lives, sweating in order to succeed in certain cases, but as a result, all their attempts are in vain and nothing happens — only one problem after another appears. The terms of loss, grief, illness, death of loved ones — all this is a consequence of already negative karma, which, again, was inherited from a person’s ancestors, whose life was rather rich and rich in sins.
 karmaWe suggest you deal with this concept, the concept of karma, in more detail. Translated from Sanskrit, “car” means action, and the concept of “karma” is considered as a result: a result, fate, duty. Thus, as the ancients said, karma is the result of actions performed by man, as has already been said. Purification of karma, in turn, is the process of ridding yourself and your subsequent generations of the family from the negative life consequences of your ancestors. You can clear karma in many ways, but it all depends on what your karma is at the moment. There is a huge number of a variety of techniques that are more effective to use with prayers. You can influence your financial situation, change the course of a particular disease, avoid the death of people close to you for reasons that are hidden in the history of the life of your ancestors, as well as many other point-to-point methods.
In addition to prayers, you will also have to “work out” the sins of your ancestors, whose work depends largely on the particular case and your current life situation. Variants of redemption of their sins also exist a great many, but in addition, there is the likelihood of running into the so-called fake possibilities of working off. For a more illustrative example, it can be noted that if a person donates his money for the construction of temples, which later go to personal needs and luxuries for church attendants, then positive changes should not be expected, as in the case of “offerings” by various sectarians. You are just misleading and try to manipulate your self-serving motives directed to your own address.
The most effective, and perhaps the simplest, painfully banal, is a well-known good, in relation to other people. Depending on the degree of importance and significance of the actions committed by you, you act directly on your karma, thereby cleansing it from the previous negative experience of generations. Virtue is always held in high esteem, both among people and in your biofield.
The issues of karma, sinfulness, and redemption are raised in all existing religions, therefore we are not able not to note the importance of this work in the life of our religious movement. The only difference of all religions in this respect lies only in the variants of interpretations and interpretations, but ultimately, the whole essence boils down to the same thing — in order to atone for sins, it is necessary to act with good, without being guided by your mercenary and greedy motives.

The Pokrov movement carefully monitors the karma of its members, and also largely supports the desires and aspirations of its members to improve their biofield, providing for this plenty of opportunities to perform good deeds. We actively help those in need, not only physically, but and morally. We promote spiritual personal growth and also helps to change the wrong view of people about the world around them, directing them in a good direction. To work on the energy of a person who directly influences his karma is our daily reverent routine, the effectiveness of which increases when people unite, reading the group prayers Pokrov. Prayer, diligence, reverent awe and the desire for good — that is the most effective method of purifying their karma and improving life, which simply can not be neglected.
If your karma suffers, then you can turn to us for help in its purification, and if on the contrary — everything is good with karma, then we sincerely wish you success in your virtuous endeavors and in any case are ready to help you with this. Stay with us, friends. God bless you!

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