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Nowadays in nature, there is a huge amount of different types of energy: mechanical, electrical, chemical, nuclear, magnetic, as well as many others. Most of the types of energy known to us are widely used in literally all fields of activity and are integral components that have so firmly settled in our consciousness and everyday life that it is rather difficult to imagine our existence without them.

In addition, there is also one kind of energy that traditional science, at the moment, is unable to fully explain and is called spiritual energy. Surely many people have heard about this, and some of the participants in our movement, without intermediaries, know from personal experience what it is. This type of energy includes the following points: astral, mental, karmic, as well as the psychic energy of the human brain, which is in line with the bioenergy of the person as a whole. And this is far from the end of the list of those aspects which spirituality includes. In this article, we will not well in detail on each of the above points and try to deal only with the most basic concept - the concept of spiritual energy, without which it is impossible to imagine spirituality as a whole.

This is an amazing form of energy through which you can influence a person’s condition, mood, emotions, and even health, including longevity, not to mention such things as financial, career, and social success. If you know how to use this energy, then you literally become not only a blacksmith of your own happiness but also the happiness of the other people.
The main methods of applying and materializing spiritual energy that has a direct impact are not only religious and magical rituals but also rational use through the power of thought.
Throughout the history of humans, spiritual energy had its use not only by specific religious persons but also by weighty monarchs and states for various, unfortunately, often not the most humane purposes. Starting with primitive people engaged in rock painting and the creation of various pagan idols, and later more ambitious elements such as the Egyptian, Aztec and Mayan pyramids up to modern parapsychology institutes that exist in all developed countries, but are inaccessible "for mere mortals".

Spiritual energy is also used in the economic sphere, in which people use special symbols and signs that influence financial processes - the same God's eye on a dollar bill, for example.
Also, on the basis of historical data, one can note the fact that spiritual energy was actively used in wartimes - again, by means of symbols and signs. In reality, few people understand how spiritual energy as a whole work and how it works in general. 
In all civilized countries of the world, representatives of state power, including presidents who assume their posts, should, first of all, receive blessing from the clergy for the government, depending on the religious national characteristics of a particular state. And this is only the visible side, while in the shadow remains the most important thing - large-scale rituals and careful collegial work with spiritual energy and its direction.
Almost all outstanding people: billionaires, politicians, celebrities have their spiritual mentors, and sometimes even whole groups of people with whom they work and manage to achieve greater and greater successes in their affairs.
There are also cases where billionaires, who received everything because of their mentors and later turned away from the faith, miraculously lost their fortune as soon as possible, and sometimes even became serious, financially incapable of payment by debtors. Serious spiritual practices and aiding mentors are inaccessible to the simple average person, so they are forced to go only to temple and pray, without delving into something more.
On the Internet, with the exception of reliable information on this subject, there are a huge number of myths and lies, which, at best, introduce a person into mental delusion, and at worst, turn him into a victim of circumstances not only in psycho-emotional terms, but also in financially, if a lost person contacts fraudsters and charlatans - extortionists of money. Of course, there are really true representatives of extrasensory abilities, but they don’t take money from people - people bring it to them themselves if they do, and then these funds are spent on good deeds, and not on meeting the needs of those who want to profit from someone else’s. Only a spiritually mature and exalted person will be able to distinguish truth from lies in such matters. On the one hand, this is true - not to let all the information go to the masses, since it will be lost to control over these processes and in the world will happen utter chaos, but on the other - not so much, because it is thanks to this policy of distribution, and also thanks to the veil of mystical secrets in spiritual matters, an increasing number of people willing to cash in on the unfortunate in very mean ways. Basically, all the works and fruits of the use of spiritual energy are available only to the elite of society for quite objective reasons, and this is done by competent persons in hidden institutions, the existence of which many do not even realize.
The Pokrov movement exists primarily to not only help people physically but also to give them spiritual knowledge in order to expand not only their horizons but also the range of faith. In fact, if one wishes, one can use spiritual energy and achieve quite tangible results - we clearly show this and apply it in our practices. Here is what is needed in order to deal with spiritual energy:
1) To ascend spiritually and purify your energy — you must cleanse yourself before attempting to direct something spiritual;
2) You need to clear your karma and have the experience of freeing yourself from life difficulties, grief and negativity before helping others;
3) It is necessary to discover the extrasensory sensitivity in oneself in order to be able to recognize spiritual energy, not to mention directing it. If you don’t feel the spiritual energy, it’s impossible to work with it and this can be compared with how a blind person paints a picture.
4) Learn to manage spiritual energy.
It may seem to you that all these points are fairly simple, but in reality, the first impression may well turn out to be erroneous. For untrained people, these processes can be a daunting task at all, but this is a matter of practice and experience - this can be achieved by any person who has sincere beliefs, motives, faith and, of course, a desire to learn to deal with spiritual energy, which will gladly satisfy the Pokrov movement .

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