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Written by Archipokrovitel Nikolai   
Sunday, 21 April 2019 21:25

  girl praying Dear friends, did you know that our every thought, and especially words, have the power of influence? In a word, in a pray or in a conspiracy can both heal a person who seems to have only one way out to the next world, or it can literally destroy a completely healthy person. Prays and conspiracies are inherent in every religion, but how they actually work, unfortunately, few people thought about - they are used by people who don’t have the slightest idea how it works. But there is nothing bad in it. This is quite a normal phenomenon, exactly the same driving a car without knowing what sets it in motion.

 The true is worth noting that pray is a much more complex process than driving a car, on the work of which quite a lot of things depend.
In this article, we will acquaint you with how strong the pray is and how to apply it in order to achieve maximum effect with the benefit of both for yourself and for others.
To maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of pray, you must:
1. Clearly, understand the pray and every word you utter in your mind.
Quite frequent practice in many religions is praying not in the native language of the person praying - Latin, for example. The preacher stands, reads these incomprehensible words to no one, and people, like a flock, repeat after him what they have no idea what is wrong at all. Prayer must come from the one praying through his conscious understanding. When a pray turns to God and the person does not understand not a single word from what he says, it is quite likely that such a pray is an empty sound. The most effective way of praying is precisely when it is pronounced in its native language, understanding of which does not cause difficulties.
2. Deeply believe both in pray and in God.
If a pray has pure and sincere faith not only in the God but also in the prayer that he says, then we assure you that it is such a pray that will be effective in comparison with that which is pronounced with selfish or skeptical motives. You must be sincere in your intentions. Again, if you compare this process with everyday things, then the following situation is an excellent example: if you need to jump over a hole that is on your way, then you are more likely to succeed if you believe in your success and, of course, if the pit is not so significant.
3. Requires adjustment to the pray.
Before you begin to pray, you need to clear your mind and fully tune in to the pray and the motives that motivate you to pronounce it. During pray, there is no need to think about something else - you need to concentrate directly on what you are praying for. If you pray exclusively in automatic mode and think about something else, then this can be compared with the process when you read a book and constantly return to the same place. It seems to read, but the concentration is missing and the meaning is not captured - just as with a pray. It is necessary to clearly know and understand what you are saying and asking for.
4. Pronounce the pray sincerely and with a soul.
In order for your prayers and words uttered by you to achieve the greatest efficiency, you need to put a part of yourself in it - your emotions, mood, and, of course, your consciousness. It is necessary to fully immerse yourself in this process while completely ignoring the everyday life around you. It is best to start prays during or after meditation, because it is at such moments that our consciousness is truly free from the mundane, and the pray comes from the subconscious - pure and sincere.
5. Feel the energy of pray.
Energy emanates from any prayer and tuning to something concrete and definite. It is necessary to develop in yourself extrasensory and intuitive sensitivity in order to clearly capture and respond to this energy.
6. Direct the energy of pray to your goals.
Feeling the energy you can manage it unconsciously - directing it to what you are asking for. Naturally, in order to control and feel the energy that comes in the process of praying, a lot of practice is necessary, but this skill is vital if you want to achieve any results.
7. Divide the pray and the phased achievement of goals.
If you have a specific goal that you dream of in your prays - the most effective way of praying will be if you approach to achieving this goal consistently, praying for its phased incarnation in life. In the pray, there should be specifics and gradualness - what you pray about is best broken down into sub-items, so that the result is exactly the way like you visualize it.
8. Pray in a group of people.
Prays from one person rarely reach God, since the proportion of such a prayer is rather small and often people do not have enough energy to be heard. In order to strengthen the energy directed towards God, collective praying are used, since it is in a large flow of energy that the probability of remaining heard is much stronger and better.
9. Visualize the result of praying.
Also, apart from consistency in your actions and petitions, it is necessary to clearly understand and understand what you are asking for - the best indicator of what your visualization process will be that needs to happen and change thanks of your prayers.
10. Be grateful to God for all that has been achieved.
It is necessary to be grateful not only to God but also to all that you have. In order to ask for something, it is necessary to give, and if there is nothing to give, then a sincere feeling of gratitude is capable of settling this missing moment.
In our religious movement Pokrov, great importance is attached to the pray. Over the years, we have tried a huge number of very different prays from very different religions - we compared, compared and evaluated the achieved, or not quite, results. Various collective and individual settings for divine energy were made, methods of influencing energy were tested. In all these cases, we conducted the most specific and objective reporting and comparative characteristics so that the members of our religious movement did not commit our previous mistakes and used only the most effective prays, the result of which is amazing. Basically, each of the existing prayers can be called effective, although the level of this efficiency varies considerably - some work harder, some weaker - everything is the same as in life. Thanks to our collective efforts, we were able to bring out one, the most optimal, rational and effective pray, which is unique in this kind of activity. It can have an impact in a variety of situations. Although you know, this is rather not just a pray, but a unique way of tuning into the divine energy — purification from the negative and receiving vital spiritual forces. Under this method of customization, it is possible to adopt any existing pray as well as the desired request, thanks to which the pray will achieve ten times the most powerful results. This method of setting has already helped many people, and some of them continue to pray in this way to this day, taking advantage of its exclusivity and still achieving amazing results. This pray is called the Pokrov prayer. It is applied on a cycle, each of which consists of 22 days since this particular period is the most favorable period.
You are able to achieve the perfection of oneness with the divine energy through this prayer and you will not even notice how quickly wonderful changes in the positive vector of life will surround you.
In our movement, there are 22  Pokrovithels (Patrons) there at the same time perform this prayer on the highest level - in unison.
Usually, many people leave various notes in temples and ask to pray for people whose names are indicated in these notes, which is hardly effective as an impact method, since it is not specifically targeted, while our divine energy object is most accurately indicated, since our group of Pokrovithels prays not only for names but also for the image of a person enclosed in a photo. This energy, which we direct, can heal from people of the disease, if it is not too late, and also achieve any real and quite material goal. Also, with this energy, it is quite possible to change and purify both like the karma of a person and his entire life path.
In conclusion, we would like to note that God, like energy, is the one, while all existing religions are created only by people. Religions have come and gone from the human consciousness on the creation of hundreds of thousands of years of our existence, not only of the race but of the entire civilization as a whole. In life, one should try to belong not to any particular religion, but to God, since it is God who was, is and always will be only one.
God bless you!

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