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Written by Archipokrovitel Nikolai   
Thursday, 13 December 2012 19:55

karmaThe word karma is translated from the sankskr. means "action, deed, cause-effect relationships, work," The word karma is used in most Eastern religions and philosophy, stands as a universal law of cause and effect, which determines the destiny of man, in the form of pain and pleasures of life. All religions that recognize karma have a slight difference in the interpretation of karma, but the same general concept.

Person’s karma is defined by his past, present and future lives, the results of karma affecting the destiny of man are called karma-phala. Karma takes its origins from the early Upanishads, which explains that all living creatures are responsible for their karma, which depend on the actions and the consequences of living beings. The religious movement "Pokrov" (Protection), is also based on the study of karma and changing it for the better. Mainly three main factors affect human’s karma:

1. How we live our lives, for the entire period of person’s life, karma can be changed for the better and worse, if a person makes a lot of sins which affect others, then after a while the suffering he has caused others to affect his karma, and he is working off karma. And vice versa if the person in their life does a lot of good things, helping others, always positive, wishes all the best to friends and associates, he has accumulating positive karma.

2. Karma from past lives. Many religions of the world recognize the relocation of the human soul after death into another body of man before his birth, reincarnation. The karma is passed with the reincarnation, many of the habits, instincts, ideology, perception, behavior, everything that was in the man from whom there was reincarnation, but the memory is erased, however, some things remain known. If the deceased person from whom the person passed on to the new karma (physical body), led sinful life, inflicted much suffering and misery to others, his karma is deteriorating and is transferred to the testing of the new man (physical body), which is that karma gets at birth. Mostly, during the reincarnation, the soul remains the same but we get a new body and new life in this body with his old soul. If a person in a past life doing good things, helping others, enjoyed the happiness of others, did not sin, the new body, new life, karma, he gets various benefits, wealth, celebrity, life is good.

3. Karma is inherited. Some of the karma inherited genetically-energy level, from parents to children and further generations on, if a person lives a sinful life, all his sins are transferred to his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren to the seventh generation. It also passes all sent to them a curse, evil eye, damage. A very strong negative impact comes from the energy of people who have suffered from the actions of this man, this energy affects the karma of all subsequent generations of that person to the seventh generation. The worst thing is a curse sent from parents to children when parents are hot and willing to hate their children that they curse them, akin to the energy level greatly affects the deterioration of the next generation of karma. Similarly, children who curse their parents, just bring more curses on their next generation to the seventh generation. And vice versa when the parents give their children a blessing, it is one of the strongest influences in order to improve the next generation of karma of the parents. If parents in life do a lot of good to others, help children, relatives, friends and everyone around us, then their generation is accumulating positive karma, which is already reaping the fruits of their next generation, it does not depend on whether the child was born to them, or is still to be born.

People are given the difficulties of life and grief for testing of karma and raise them in a spiritual sense. A person who has gone through grief, suffering, anguish, and at the same time, did not become embittered, he rises spiritually. Only the person, who thus rose spiritually, can fully appreciate and understand the suffering of other people who have trouble and sorrow of life and help others up. If you go through life working out karma is a form of grief, loss, problem, treat it with understanding, do not be afraid of this, change yourself, change your surroundings, know if you'll achieve your goals with faith in God, then the time will come that you exit from any difficult situation and you'll be rewarded for it and the more your generation will be rewarded for your suffering and karmic working out. Our life is like a zebra stripe black, her band is white, the main black band of bad luck to go with dignity and with faith in God, then it will be much quicker and less painful. Then and now, that would ascend spiritually, many have resorted to various methods are the rejection of various goods in the care of a monk, leaving a lonely solitary life. Many people who have gone through severe suffering and sorrow, and purified themselves of all negative, while constantly turning to God, were called saints, or close to God, because their energy is much cleaner than energy of others, and with their energy, they can customize the energy and karma of others for the better (perfect example is Jesus Christ and other people who erected the status of saints), such people are generally asked for healing, they eliminate pain and problems in lives, many people are doing it so someone with stronger and cleaner energy could pray for them. Spiritually elevated and pure energy, the person praying to God and sending energy to someone else can change his fate by changing his karma. The more a person was working off karma in the past and present life, and has not lost faith in God, the more he was cleansed of negativity and the more he can help others to change their karma. You can take any of the stories of the saint, and you will see that they all have gone through life's pain and grief.

There are also higher Pokrovitels that have the 4th highest level of advancement in our movement; who have been through some specific sufferings and sorrows in this life, that have made them energetically cleaned and spiritually enlightened, Their main goal/desire is to help people and bring them good karma by changing believers lives for the better. For over 25 years we have used and tried various methods of influencing the person's karma, we approached this more scientifically, we took various methods from different religions and different ways to work with karma; eventually many of these methods were combined, the statistical record were kept during the experience, we tried many ways to develop a psychic sensitivity so we would be able to feel and control the bioenergy from the results we have taken out the best and most efficient ways.. We are also continuing our work in this area by improving our reach and achieving new goals in the area. In the course of our work, we have identified and can say with confidence that God and the Energy from Him, do exist, and you can feel it: by developing the psychic sensitivity, spiritual rise, and cleansing of negative energy. But to feel the bioenergy and to know how to control it, you need to devote years along with changing your lives, by working off karma and go through grief and difficulties in life, you must begin to see life differently, enjoy from what you are doing well and helping others.

We worked out the basic setup and Intercession prayer, on which you can change your and other energy and karma. If you do it all the time with the faith and the desire to maximize the tuning, you can change your karma for the better, no matter what religious and faith people came from, there are a lot of religions and God is one and he is helping us by giving positive energy, we just need to know how to tune into it and get it while changing ourselves in all directions. Changing your karma for the better, we thus change the karma of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to the seventh generation and partly everyone who comes to us in life. Our karma also affects others, such as with whom you constantly live with the fact you are sharing bioenergy and to turn out similar karma. There is a saying "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are"

We have been contacted by a lot of people who want to change their karma and their families for the better, and we try to help our very best to the ones who want the change. If you or your loved ones have a problem on the fate, you can contact us and in becoming a Pokrovitel, you can completely change any karma, only it requires time, belief and desire.

Cities, regions, countries, the earth also have Karma and it depends on what kind of people live in that place, what kind of people lived before in our civilization and past civilizations. Karma of certain territories also is changing for the better and the worse. On some areas mostly there is peace, harmony, good economy, and high intellectual life, in other areas - permanent military conflict, revolution, poverty, and civil war. You can compare for yourself in history that any highest, greatest and advanced empire, eventually despaired: the Achaemenid Empire, the Roman Empire, the Han Dynasty, the Mongol Empire, Yuan Dynasty, The Umayyad Caliphate, the British Empire, the Russian Empire, the Soviet, and many others. Some of them existed for decades, some for centuries. What caused the collapse of empires? Most will say that it was accompanied by economic and political weakening empires. But let's look at this issue from the other side, in the past, most empires were formed due to conquest, subjugation, and the use of other states and nations, most empires were created, in war and through the grief of others, by escape from belief in God or hatred other religions, all this eventually was paid off with the next generation through the collapse of empires. In the country in which the religion and faith in God are starting to make money, "clergy", enriched by the faithful, there was always a moment when the faithful saw and realized that, have moved away from the faith, that lead for many churches to turn empty, eventually people stopped believing in God, and if the government is trying to eradicate the belief in God, we witness closed churches, atheistic propaganda, most likely in these states, people stop believing in God, cease to be cleaned, cease to pray to God, thus causes for the state to gain a lot of bad karma, and sooner or later, in the State in which people live without faith in God, there is no escape but to be doomed to extinction by karma. You can compare it by taking a look at recent history, a State or an empire; you can look at any war in history, and search for what has happened before those events.

There is also karma of the planet. It has long been proven that in our land were many civilizations that have died due to various reasons. What has preceded it, is the same spiritual falling and no belief in God. Our world and our civilization is on the verge of the next apocalypse, in recent years, there were a lot of religious leaders who believe in God so they can make money, so many people are moving away from belief in God, in a result of that, many people are not cleared energetically and not spiritually lifted, they worsen their karma, then that karma is transmitted to their children and all those around them. When most people no longer believe in God or are negative to other religions, the Negative Energy spreads around the ground earth, which is conducive to the emergence of the next apocalypse; this is when most of the inhabitants of the earth are destroyed by natural or other disasters. So for example, the Bible describes the last apocalypse, the Flood, in which almost all mankind was destroyed, what was preceded before the flood you probably know yourself, it is the spiritual fall, the growth of negative feelings and the worsening of Earth’s and Humanity’s karma. It is especially very important to change the karma of our country for the better, in order to do that, it is necessary to:

- Turn to God in faith and love, and the belief that he is helping you, while you are working hard yourself to achieve the goals. God will likely not help if you'll just pray and wait for the finished product, God and His energy is working towards what you ask, so you need not only to pray but also work on your karma.
- Develop a psychic sensitivity so you could feel bioenergy and properly adjusted to it, but also feel on the energy level, which of the priests and others, are truly clean energetically and can help you and others, or if this "priest" or anyone else just wants to make money in their advantage.

- To the best of your abilities do more good to others, and help clear them of negative energy, be glad that you are helping others and enjoy their achievements and happiness.

- Accept all religions and believers equally good as your brothers and sisters.

- Learn as much as possible of other many religions and spiritual practices, compare them and find the best of what suits you.

- Work to improve your karma, and karma around you in life.

- Focus and see more of the goodness, happiness, and joy. Life is beautiful and good, no matter what difficulties and problems we had to face, and for this, we should be grateful to God.


- Use prayer "Pokrov" with faith, hope, and love, to cleanse your own and others’ energy and karma, to change for the better.

If a lot of believers do that, the karma of land will change for the better and our future lives and the lives of our future generations will improve from year to year. May God bless and help us in this.

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