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Written by Archipokrovitel Nikolai   
Thursday, 05 January 2012 22:57


Right now, Pokrov movement is gaining power - more people are coming over to us, in order to become Pokrovitel and change their karma in a better way. One of the additions, in order to make their karma better, is gratuitous help for needy, when the person with happiness and from his or her heart helps others. All of the real Pokrovitels are helping others in something, not looking at the religious personal faith. Help comes from the smallest: (to give outside small alms to beggar, communication, and concentration of the person for the better, to give useful pieces of advice and consultations),- until the biggest, which is to take patronage from one or several poor families with many children, single elderly and disabled. This help is when the Pokrovitel from the middle or higher middle social class is visiting family straight, buying clothing to the children, games, television, computer and etc. Also, organizes repair in the house, trips for the different amusements (circus, concert and sports competition).


One of the tasks of our environment is to help by maximum, the maximum amount that needs help, bring those that want it, who want to help others, changing a community to a positive side, changing the karma of the person, families, cities, countries, and world into a better way. If one person does good to another, then another ( in many cases) has a desire to do good to many people, and this goes by the chain from one to another. In addition, the primary energy here plays the strongest role. For example, I have noticed by my practice, whenever I help someone, I pass this positive energy, this person is concentrating on good. He or she changes their karma and comes from a very difficult life situation, by this he or she seeks to help and to do good to others. The energy is working and passing from one person to another. We see all of that every day, small example; you have smiled to one person ( you have sent this person positive energy), this person's karma changed and the energy changed a little bit to the better way. He is smiling from this to another, little by little changing his energy to the better way, and this passes by further and further.

Currently, there are many Pokrovitels in our movement, in different points of the globe, who are helping other people. In this world, there are many people who need our help. If you need any kind of help or your family has many kids and needy, or you are a single disabled or elderly person and etc. You can ask for help to our movement to the regional Pokrovitel of your region and the Pokrovitel would guide you to the Pokrovitel ( if he or she is in the same residence of the place as you are) or will put you in the database, and  then by the capability will guide you to the  Pokrovitel that will help you, by this you will know beforehand. When you are going to your regional Pokrovitel about this question, just title your message " Pokrov Help Action".

We are not giving you the full guarantee that we will be giving you Pokrovitel with help by our action, but by this similarity  - in the borrow of your residence, we will guide this person to you.


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