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Written by Archipokrovitel Nikolai   
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 22:39

Throughout a human history, there was no religious movement, whose main objectives included the association of believers in God, into one religion, in one faith of God, and by this not denying and not placing others, as opponents to other religions. Even though such religions arose, in the early stages of formation and they have been stopped.

Pokrov is the spiritually religious movement, the only and unique in the history of mankind, which has reached certain heights. In the period from 2005 to a latest of 2010, it was the largest movement, the movement was particularlyfamous among Russian-speaking population in North America.

The movement Pokrov is strongly advertised in the main Russian newspapers and magazines in the United States. This movement was announcedon a radio and television broadcasts in Russian language. A very popular site was created about this movement and attendance on this website was more than 100 people a day. It included a forum - to discuss various topics about the religions and spirituality, dating website where it was around 3,000 people who would meet, start relationships and communicate. Within each year and each month, Pokrov is becoming increasingly popular and filled up by a growing number of followers.

In the course of Pokrov development, I spokewith some leaders from the different parts of religions, they have supported thismovement and its idea, but they made it clear that they cannot openly support Pokrov. Many of them said that it is very difficult and almost impossible to even drive such a movement to the first rows, because opponents, who do not like that movement, wouldinterfere with this development.I am very well aware of it.

To the certain extent of its development, the opponents could not speak out against this movementand even would not advertise themselves. They saw that there is nothing bad that can be found in this movement. Therefore, it would be useless for them to publically speak anything against us. Especially,it is America. It is a fully democratic country, which has freedom of speech andfreedom of religion.

The opponents know that for any infringement of our religious activities, they would be punishedby law, for the religious discrimination. And this would destroy a movement. These people (they are not called by name, because their guilt is not directly proven) made it so that three childrenwere taken from Archipokrovitel’s family. He was located for six months in immigration jail.

Those who participated in this are not blamed. However, whoever wrote the anonymous letters to authorities and organizations, and these letters described our family in very atrocious manner are holding a great responsibility for it.

For some time- they could stop the development of this movement by closing down the website. Materials about this movement in newspapers and in magazines stopped to come out. Phone numbers were closed and the relations broke with the thousands of followers.

At that time, opponents almost achieved their goals, but they did not consider that good triumphs over evil, during when this happened, we were surroundedby 99% of people who knew us and helped us, and the law was on our side. We find ourselves in the difficult situations, the more we turn to God and,the more help we receive.

Presently, this movement is gaining strength and popularity. Many of its followers find about this movement through this website, which opened two months ago. This movement is under God’s protection and Pokrov.

In the future, if opponents would try anything; it will only strengthen our faith and further the development of this movement. Furthermore, in return we will pray for these opponents, purify their hearts and souls from the negative energy, and send them positive energy. This way, they will change themselves for the better.

The time will come, when people on earth will be cleansed from negative energy and will have positive energy. In addition, there will be one main faith in God and the Pokrov movement.



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